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Rolling around on two wheels for the last 15 years, Ride MORE Bicycles is the product of a friendship between 2 brothers-in-law that share a child-like passion for bicycles.  
Travis Coleman / Owner

Travis is a self proclaimed bike nerd and total  gear junkie. Having represented some of the biggest names in the cycling industry he saw first hand cycling technology as it was being developed. For him, it's not about what gear you should have, it's about WHY you should have it. This knowledge, coupled with his unwavering commitment to a correct bike fit will almost certainly guarantee that you will want to Ride MORE Bicycles.  

Mike Esmonde / Owner

Mike started wrenching in1999 out of a need to fund his bicycle and racing habit.  He quickly became an accomplished bike racer and highly sought after mechanic in some of the busiest bike shops in DC. Mike knows better than anyone that a well tuned bike makes you safer, faster and makes you want to Ride MORE Bicycles. 



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